A D&D entry: Tower of the Mad Mage Pt. 1

Hi, I’m Bulwark Vestibule, ex-sailor from the Dragonships of the Sea of swords. I’ll say anything to avoid having to do extra work. I speak Common and Draconic. I’ve only ever met one dragon before, but we had to learn draconic to be a part of the Dragonships crew.

Well, there I was, sitting in the Gambling Golem in Longsaddle. When this crazy goblin comes in, and says “I need hereos” and passes out. The nice dwarf lady who was at my table healed him up, and got him to her room, and we were able tell him that we (those of us at the table, Myself, the Dwarf cleric, This weird looking Turtle guy, and a human-ish ranger), would help him. His name is Skwelch. He tells us that his clan needs to die, he was a goblin scout in the Deathrot Clan and found a tower with a lot of gold. There was a dragon but they took care of it, and now they’re in the tower, but he deserves all the gold because he found the tower!

So we agree, that we’ll be hired by Squemish, and he says that in the morning, we will go to the tower. We leave in the morning after stocking up on supplies and paying our gambling debts. Not that I had any. We hike through the hills and hear a strange noise when three boars attack us. We make quick work of those, and have food for the rest of the trip. I take their tusks, they might fetch a large price when we get back to a settlement. The next morning, we find a downed tree and what the hell, there’s a naked guy pinned underneath it. Squirtle says to leave him alone, we don’t have much time (he’s becoming really annoying). But we get the tree off the boy, he says his name is Jai Copperstaff (no realtion to Glasstaff), and that last he knew, he was going to sleep.

So we tell Jai that we’ll let him join us, to the tower, and we’ll escort him back to town after we’re done. That night — would you believe it — he turned into a Were-rat and attacked us. We had him grappled by the tail and I accidentally cut his tail off, my bad… Well he ran away. Pretty weird experience, I guess I won’t go saving any naked men anymore. It was kind of a bother, 3/10 would not recommend.

Well we get to the tower, it’s this maybe 70 foot tall tower, not sure can’t really judge sizes on land, but ask me for the distance between ships, and I’m your man. Anyway, Squidward leads us to the door, we cautiously listen, but don’t hear anything.

To be continued…

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