I’m alive!

What should I write about? I haven’t really found the real purpose of this website besides to be a front end to a server I have a bunch of webapps running on. Should I make this a personal blog? More technical? I stopped playing D&D so I haven’t had much inspiration about D&D posts. Hmm

D&D: Some Campaign Maps

I recently bought an iPad 9.7″ and an Apple Pencil with the hopes to get back into drawing maps for D&D campaigns. I really enjoy being a dungeon master, much to my surprise, and I want to build my own world. It all starts with a harbor trading city. Without giving too much away to my players, in case they ever visit my website – which I highly doubt, I’ll just say that there’s a Castle on an island, a […]

A D&D entry: Tower of the Mad Mage Pt. 1

Hi, I’m Bulwark Vestibule, ex-sailor from the Dragonships of the Sea of swords. I’ll say anything to avoid having to do extra work. I speak Common and Draconic. I’ve only ever met one dragon before, but we had to learn draconic to be a part of the Dragonships crew. Well, there I was, sitting in the Gambling Golem in Longsaddle. When this crazy goblin comes in, and says “I need hereos” and passes out. The nice dwarf lady who was at […]

Nitrogen Tank Monitoring

Lab Monitoring The Story For a few months last year, I lived around the block from work. I would sometimes stop in on the weekends and pick up stuff I forgot at my desk. One day the power went out at my apartment and I figure I would check in at work and see if there were any problems. I messaged our Lab Safety Manager on slack to say “hey the power went out, and I am at the office. […]

Getting started in Python

Resurrecting this blog post as I had another friend ask about Python. I need to rewrite this for Python 3, but like many developers… I’m still on Python 2.7 at work. ~~~ Originally written in 2013 ~~~ I have a friend who is interested in becoming a Python developer. He has some Python experience with CodeAcademy, but he of course wants to take this a step further and develop on his own computer. I figure I’d give him a few […]

Tox and Pyenv – A Quickstart

I recently decided that I would try to help out with the Hyper Project. So far I have just changed one of the README’s to reflect the change on travis-ci build status to actually show the image now that Cory moved it from his personal account to an organization. Simple and easy. I am developing on my MacBook, and for work at Addgene I use Python 2.7.11 because we’re not ready for 3.x yet due to some dependencies. I wanted […]

My Setup

It seems every developer has to talk about their setup, I guess I am no different. This post was originally from 2016, things may have changes. Language I program in Python. When I introduce myself to people I say “I am a Python Programmer”. I can do some JavaScript, but I don’t tend to do it much in my professional life. Operating System(s) and Shell I program in Python, so for ease of use I use either Ubuntu or OS […]